Frequntly Asked Questions
Q. How much do the T-grip bars weigh?

A: The new 5ft single handle bar weighs 26lbs, the new 5ft double handle bars weigh29lbs, The new 7ft single handle T-Grip weight is 45lbs, The new 7ft double strait and angled handles weight is 48lbs.

A: If you purchased T-Grip bars between 2008 and 2011 The 5ft bars weigh 35lbs, The 7ft single handle bars will be 55lbs, the 7ft double handles will be 62lbs.

Q. What is the distance between handles on the bars?

A: The 5ft single bar is 19” the 7ft Single handle bar is 23”, the 7ft double inside handles 19” and outside handles are 25” apart.

Q. Which bar do you recommend the strait handle or angled handles?

A: Depending on what your members are looking to achieve. If you need a parallel grip bar for post rehabilitation, sport specific training or have shoulder issues, A physical therapist or strength coach will recommend the strait handles with a neutral grip. If your looking for a little more versatility and a slightly wider range of training variety we recommend the angled handle. Of course we recommend your facility will eventually have both strait and angled.

Q. What is the weight capacity of the 7ft T-Grip Bars?

A: We have a safe maximum weight rating of 500lbs. The bars have had all types of testing done including allot of in house testing with over 1000lbs of weights. As you can see in the photo above the T-grip bars can handle more weight that can be lifted by any human. For liability purposes we needed to indicate and advise a safe load capacity.

Q. Your warranty states you cover all damage “under normal limited conditions” what do you consider normal limited conditions?

A: No Matter what weight rating or capacity we put on the bars Any T-Grip bar can be permanently damaged if it is dropped from a distance on a rack or safety weight pins with a lot of weight loaded on it (Usually with shrugs). For this reason we will not cover bending of T-Grip bars for this abusive usage.

Q. Why are T-Grip bars more expensive than other specialty bars?

A: Besides being the most unique and versatile specialty bars on the market to date, Every T-Grip Bar is made with the highest quality precision components and premium material. There is allot of labor with machining, fabrication and welding that goes into each T-Grip bar. When you get a T-Grip Bar into your hands you will see, feel and appreciate the Detailed Quality Craftsmanship that goes into all the T-Grip products.

Q. Do you ship Internationally?

A: Yes absolutely. We ship almost anywhere in the world and have various distributors worldwide. Please fill out the submission form or contact us for International Inquiries.

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