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Get carved, lean and chizzled

T-Grip Lite is the most versatile and functional exercise bar on the Market. No other bar or exercise device fuses countless Calorie-Blasting full body exercises together. The multi-hand grip options opens up your training to a whole new level. Start getting astonishing body ripping results that everyone will notice.

Get major results

Small investment for major results

The T-grip Lite bar will not disappoint. This bar provides maximum versatility in terms of the exercises you can do and since it’s just one single piece of equipment, you won’t have to make much of an investment to get started.

High intensity fat burning workouts

Add the included weight plates and you’re ready to go. You can create a number of different high intensity exercise combinations with this bar, so you can easily get in a full body fat shedding workout without much intricate planning – do the same exercises from your home as you would in the gym with your T-GRIP- Lite-Bar.

more about the t-grip lite bar

high quality DURABLE design

You can rest assured that this bar will last a lifetime. The bar is made with nothing but the highest of quality materials, giving you the peace of mind that you need to know that you’re making a very wise investment.

Lightweight and Great For All Users

The first big benefit of the T-Grip Lite bar is the fact that it’s incredibly lightweight. It weighs only 7 pounds, meaning it’s easily portable and can be used while traveling, in a home gym workout program or used in a commercial gym setting as well.

For amateurs and pros alike

When doing your body building exercises, using proper form is an absolute must. If you aren’t, you are going to see the impacts of it – lack of progress and potential injury. The T-Grip Lite bar makes sure that your shoulders are in the most natural position as you go about the exercise since you’ll be in the neutral grip position, reducing the potential strain on the tendons and ligaments.

Full body fat blasting workouts

It is time for you to blast away fat. If you want to get stronger, faster and more muscular this is the bar for you! Order the T-Grip Lite bar today and start shredding unwanted pounds and getting that body you have always deserved.

A closer look

Stait bar in the middle

Provides clearance for full range of motion with every exercise with no interferance.

1" inch diameter bar

Any common standard size weight plates will fit.

The cambered curl grip

The best angle placement over any traditional curl bar.

Parallel grip

Scientifically proven as the safest way to train with less risk of injury.


do i have to be in great shape to use it?

T-Grip barbell is made for people of all different fitness levels. If you’re someone who’s coming out of an injury as well, the T-Grip Lite bar is the perfect choice. It’s going to place less overall stress and strain on the tendons and ligaments, making sure as you go about your rehabilitation therapy you aren’t putting yourself at risk for re-injury.

Who is T-Grip Lite bar for?

T-Grip Lite bar is for anyone looking to gain muscle and burn away fat. Get shredded as you easily target different muscle groups with multiple grip combinations. T-Grip Lite bar is the perfect solution for both beginners and fitness experts.

do you ship internationally?

Yes absolutely. We ship almost anywhere in the world. When you checkout simply select your country from the available country list.

every muscle – every direction- one bar

Intensity your arm workouts

Intensify your biceps and tricep work outs with multiple grip variations, hit every muscle from every angle.

Maximize your back strength

Maximize your back strength and get that V look with the widest variety of compound exercises.

Perform squats and lunges easier

Finally a bar that is comfortable to rest on the back of your shoulders and hold with a more natural stable grip. Which allows you to perform your squats and lunges with confidence balance and stability.

Get noticeable chest and shoulder gains

Work out every muscle fiber of your Chest and shoulders with less risk of injury.

Slim your wastline. Get ripped abs.

Strengthen your core by Performing the most functional full body exercise combinations.

T-Grip Lite Bar
2X 2.5 Pound Weights (FREE)
2x Collars (FREE)
A $150.00 value! Only $115.00